For many years, UserZoom has focused on developing, selling and supporting a quantitative user experience research platform — it’s easy to argue we’re the world leader in this space. Our position was further validated in the fall of last year when we received a significant round of funding to support our rapid growth and further disrupt the multi-billion dollar usability testing market.

With this disruption in mind, I am very excited to announce a very important strategic move…

UserZoom has acquired YouEye!

YouEye is an innovator and recently one of our partners in the qualitative UX testing space. YouEye specializes in crowdsourced UX testing, with a heavy emphasis on panel quality. UserZoom customers can now take advantage of this new ecosystem of panelists — large and growing at a rapid rate, to conduct agile qualitative UX research that gets results fast. These panelists have been trained to take the highly demanded think-aloud tests, but can also participate in our quantitative studies.

We’ve made an acquisition which accelerates our time to market for the strategic expansion of our capabilities. The integrated UserZoom / YouEye platform combines the best of both worlds — scalable quantitative data with sophisticated and agile qualitative feedback. By combining our two companies, UserZoom will now have a more robust platform and greater capabilities, which expands our market opportunity both for new and existing customers. We’re also adding some great product and research talent to compliment the current UserZoom team.

Most importantly, it was obvious to us that our clients will benefit greatly from this acquisition. At the end of the day, that’s frankly the single thing that drove us to make the final decision.

I always liken my UserZoom journey to one of my true passions: the game of basketball. With our funding we made the transition from college and were drafted by the pros; with the acquisition of YouEye I feel like we’re in the playoffs and have the Larry O’Brien Trophy in our sights.

Here’s to a championship season!

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About the Author

Alfonso de la Nuez, Co-Founder and CEO at UserZoom


Alfonso lives in Silicon Valley and among other general management tasks he leads UserZoom’s Sales & Marketing Strategy within the US market. Originally from Madrid, Spain, Alfonso has 17 years of experience in User Experience, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Web Design, Web Project Management, User-Centered Design and Usability Testing. Before founding UserZoom, he worked for companies such as Dell Computers, Icon Medialab (now LBi / Digitas), and Proxicom’s venture in Spain (now Indra). He’s a frequent speaker at UX conferences, has taught usability courses at various universities, and collaborates with the Stanford University Technology Ventures Program.