It’s time for the UserZoom content machine to set its out of office reply to, “sorry we can’t respond, we’re too upset that nobody bought us the Thanos bed-set like we asked for” and say a huge thank you for all your support in 2018.

We’re very grateful to all our readers, contributors, customers, partners and experts who made this the best ever year for UZ and our kickass UX blog.

We’re signing off now until January 2019, but in the meantime, we’d like to highlight some of the most popular, useful and downright entertaining resources we published this year. Plus we’ve given each one an award to make all our other resources feel bitter and resentful.

EBOOK: UX Research 101

CLASS AWARD: Most Popular

Our most popular piece of content this year is our eBook on – yep, you guessed it – UX Research! If you haven’t already, check out our comprehensive guide that covers everything from making a UX research plan to choosing the best UX research method, asking actionable and relevant questions to observing participants, prioritizing issues and (best of all) telling a compelling story.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Demystifying Sample Size

CLASS AWARD: Leader of the Pack

Do you know how many participants you really need for UX Research? Out of all of the topics we covered this year, sample size was the most sought after. Check out this on-demand webinar covering common questions and answers regarding sample sizes and find out exactly why this piece of content was the leader of the pack. VROOM-VROOM.

UX BATTLE: Ford vs. Hyundai

CLASS AWARD: Power Couple

The competitors in UserZoom’s UX Battles aren’t always neck and neck, but when it came to website usability between Ford & Hyundai, we found an 83% success rate for both players resulting in a very rare, perfect tie! Download this report and see how they both stack up in other benchmarking categories along the way.

GUIDE: How To Run Research In Agile Sprints

CLASS AWARD: Teacher’s Pet

One of the most useful topics in need of constant education is Agile. Therefore as one of our most brought up internal AND external resources, this guide to running research in Agile Sprints definitely wins the award for teacher’s pet. Hear from organizations like AIG, who have a lot to say about the success this approach has brought their team and discover how embedding research into Sprints is way less difficult if you take the right approach.

SURVEY REPORT: The State of UX in the Enterprise

CLASS AWARD: Head of the Class

When it comes to our most scholarly piece of work, we’ve rightfully awarded our recently published State of UX report and the fine folks who contributed their survey responses. Find out what hundreds of experience professionals at some of the largest organizations on the planet can teach us about the culture of research and the state of UX in the Enterprise.

state of ux 2018

BLOG POST: 23 User Research Methods: A Comprehensive Guide


Our most valuable blog-post published in 2018 is this magnificent bundle of jargon-crushing explainers for 23 different user research methodologies. Whether you’re a grizzled UX expert who has seen everything in the line of duty, or you’re a complete newbie who has been told to “do some of that UX stuff that’s so popular these days” – this is the guide for you.

VIDEO: The BetterUX Breakdown: Quantitative and Qualitative Research

CLASS AWARD: Class Clown

Proclaimed as our most “lol-worthy” content by someone who we try to avoid being alone in a room with for too long, this is the first part of our new video series ‘The BetterUX Breakdown’. In which we unravel the complexities of quantitative and qualitative research, using nothing but the power of Radiohead’s back catalogue and a room full of music nerds.

EBOOK: Remote Moderated 101

CLASS AWARD: The Newcomer

Hot off the presses is our brand new 101 guide to Remote Moderated! Learn all about why conducting remote moderated studies can get you the quality insights you need at the speed and price you deserve.

We’ll see you in January for more insight, more expert opinions, more practical guidance, and best of all, more heartwarming moments of family joy. Happy holidays 🙂

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