The Task-Based UX Benchmark Study

UserZoom ran a quick competitive UX benchmark study between Adidas and Under Armour, two internationally known fitness clothing and accessories retailers, to see how users experienced navigational and core tasks, as well as how they rate their overall experience on these websites.

  • We ran an unmoderated remote task-based benchmark study with 60 in-the-wild users on their own devices over the course of a single day
  • Participants were equally divided between the companies’ US sites so that 30 went to each site
  • They completed several tasks while on the site: a screenshot click test, a tree test on their main menu, and a task-based test where we asked them to find the overview page for each brand’s proprietary app
  • We also measured their brand perception and how they rated their overall experience

First impressions are lasting impressions


We wanted to know the users’ first impression to both of the contenders’ sites. We showed all 60 participants images of Adidas’ and Under Armour’s homepages and asked them to choose which site they associated with several UX attributes.


Under Armour’s layout won in terms of being seen as Organized and Easy. Adidas layout made users feel the site was Trustworthy and Lively, but the site was also voted as Overwhelming by a large margin of users.

Both sites were practically tied when it came to being seen as Welcoming, Informational and Helpful.

Round one goes to Under Armour!

Want to see the rest? Download the battle to find out!

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