Welcome to #UXChat with Nate Berger, Technology Entrepreneur, in this Twitter chat round-up on the topic of UX Tool Sets.

For those who are new to #UXchat – it’s our one-hour live Twitter discussion (via the #uxchat Twitter hashtag) where you can rub virtual shoulders with some of the most knowledgeable UXperts on the planet and discuss a different UX topic every week.

This week our topic is: UX Tool Sets

When: Thursday 12th December at 4pm GMT / 11am EST / 8am PST / 5pm CET

Where: On Twitter via the hashtag #uxchat co-hosted by BetterUX

Our esteemed guest host is: Nate Berger, Technology Entrepreneur

Technology entrepreneur with a focus on user experience (UX). Nothing warms Nate’s heart like solving a UX challenge.  He runs a creative agency located in New Haven, Connecticut called KnockMedia. He’s based in Science Park, home of Yale University, Louis’ Lunch and the best pizza on the planet.  They create web apps and native apps for desktop, mobile and wearables.

They work with startups, small businesses and some of the biggest brands on the globe through their white label work. Great design, intuitive engineering and an eye for engagement and conversion, that is where they play.

How we experience a product, a brand, even a message, that is all changing right now.  With a number of projects underway or about to drop, he’s excited to share this with you.

You can connect with Nate via Twitter: @knockmedia

This week, Nate and our UX community discussed the following points, which you can read through in the embedded Twitter Moment below.

  1. UX tools are important but they are not everything. How can UX professionals complement these tools?
  2. What tools do you use to conduct user interviews and journey maps? Why?
  3. What tools do you use to create wireframes and design mockups? Why?