Join us in this #UXChat with UX Chat with Robert van der Elst, Front End Developer, in this upcoming Twitter discussion on User Research Surveys.

Welcome to #UXchat – it’s our one-hour live Twitter discussion (via the #uxchat hashtag on Twitter) where you can rub virtual shoulders with some of the most knowledgeable UXperts on the planet and discuss a different UX topic every week.

This week our topic is: User Research Surveys

When: Thursday 26th March at 4pm GMT / 11am ET / 8am PT / 5pm CET

Where: On Twitter via the hashtag #uxchat co-hosted by BetterUX

Our esteemed guest host is: Robert van der Elst, Front End Developer and UX

In Robert’s own words,

I’m a unicorn really, I do Front end dev, UX, graphic design, logo design and I’ve even dabbled with creating a font. All for the company I work for. It’s called Rietveld Licht & Wonen, which designs and sells lamps, both online and in a brick & mortar store in The Netherlands. We operate internationally, which makes things interesting. And we operate in a team of 3 people (backend, marketing, me), so the freedom is insane, haha.

You can connect with Robert via Twitter: @rvanderelst

This week, Robert and our UX community will discuss the following points:

  1. When defining the limit of your surveys, how specific should your questioning be? When is it more generic or more specific?
  2. Does a target user group matter? If so, why and how does it work?
  3. When delivering a survey in front of your target users, what’s the best approach?



Every other week, we have a new guest host, sharing their knowledge and experience about a particular UX topic. If you want to guest host (or know anyone who’d love to) give us a shout out on Twitter @betterUX_