Welcome to #UXChat with Sotiris Sotiropoulos, UX Researcher & Designer, in this Twitter chat round-up on Usability Testing in Agile.

For those who are new to #UXchat – it’s our one-hour live Twitter discussion (via the #uxchat Twitter hashtag) where you can rub virtual shoulders with some of the most knowledgeable UXperts on the planet and discuss a different UX topic every week.

This week our topic is: Usability Testing in Agile

When: Thursday 10th October at 4pm BST / 11am ET / 8am PT / 5pm CEST

Where: On Twitter via the hashtag #uxchat co-hosted by BetterUX

Our esteemed guest host is: Sotiris Sotiropoulos, UX Researcher & Designer

Sotiris is a UX researcher and designer who understands the psychology of software engineers. He works with teams to produce useful software that users want to interact with everyday. He has received a UX Master Certification as a UX Researcher and Interaction Designer from Nielsen Norman Group.

Sotiris spent his early professional life creating user interfaces and graphics for video games and later for web and mobile apps. In his quest to justify everyday design decision, he discovered that user experience design provided answers, very good answers.

This led him to the relentless pursuit of learning. To him, it is apparent that designs aimed at people can only be crafted by understanding people.

You can connect with Sotiris via Twitter: @mojoartboy

This week, Sotiris and our UX community discussed the following points, which you can read through in the embedded Twitter Moment below.

  1. Are there benefits to conducting usability testing in every sprint? What key activities should the team carry out in order to be successful?
  2. Does this testing approach work with every scrum team? Conversely, is this agile approach useful for user research as well?
  3. Which factors can prevent a team from conducting usability in every sprint? How do we overcome barriers?



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