UPDATE: Our 2nd annual State of UX in the Enterprise 2019 survey report is now live!

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Last year in 2018 we surveyed hundreds of UX practitioners about the state of UX in their workplaces and compiled their answers into our inaugural The State of UX in the Enterprise report.

In it we included:

  • The overall state of UX research in the Enterprise in 2018 and all our survey results
  • The top four challenges faced by UX teams
  • How Enterprise UX teams are organized and aligned
  • The frequency that UX research is performed on Enterprise properties and their competitors
  • Most common sources of knowledge and tools for UX teams

Well the time has come for us to ask all of you UX experts for 10 minutes of your time to help participate in our 2019 survey.

Not only will your answers help us and your peers better understand how the culture of UX is evolving in the enterprise, you will also automatically be registered to receive a finalized copy of the report.

As a bonus thank you for participating, we’ll be choosing 10 random participants and will buy them 5 books of their choice from our list of 22 must-read books for UXers.


Why are we doing this?

While there have been surveys over the past few years that have looked at the state of UX as a whole, and at UX design in particular, we here at UserZoom noticed that the state of UX in the Enterprise hadn’t been analyzed in-depth.

Particularly when it came to understanding how enterprise companies are conducting UX research.

We wanted to change that, and with your help, we can continue to track the evolution of UX in the enterprise. So from all of us here at UserZoom, thank you to everyone who downloaded and participated in the 2018 survey and thank you for helping us complete the 2019 survey.