Looking for a great UX podcast? Season 2 of Mixed Methods starts September 7th.

“Mixed Methods is a podcast interested in the how’s and why’s of user experience research. Through interviews with industry experts and hands-on trial and error, we indulge and celebrate curiosity. Expect to test assumptions, examine UX methods, and engage in some old fashion experiments.”

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Are you a fan of UX? Do you enjoy podcasts? Then we have a treat for you – the Mixed Methods podcast season 2 is about to start this week! We recently got the chance to talk with Aryel Cianflone, the host of Mixed Methods, about what’s in store for listeners this season.

Before we jump into the new season, what were some of the “greatest hits” from season 1?

I released my first episode in March and the response has been amazing. Last season the line-up included the great minds of Jake Knapp of GV, Elizabeth Churchill of Google/ACM, Dana Chisnell of Harvard/Center for Civic Design, and more. There are also already over 1,300 people in the Slack group we created so that listeners can be even more engaged.

What’s new and exciting for season 2?

The second season will launch Sept. 7 and includes guests like Jared Spool, Dan Perkel of IDEO, Michael Margolis of GV, and more. Along with these more traditional UX research names will be experts on listening, improv comedy and more. I’ll also be collaborating with Eryn Whitworth, a recent PhD grad from UT Austin’s School of Information, and Val Pucilowski, a UX researcher at Spotify, to create a weekly Medium offering and a toolbox.

We did this because the Mixed Methods project wanted to expand its offerings to the UX research community. A key component of this expansion is the launch of a dedicated UX research publication on Medium. This publication seeks to elevate salient issues in the advancement of UX research. To do this, we will engage research practitioners at all levels of experience, noobs and pros alike.

Val Pucilowski, a UX researcher at Spotify, and I will be collaborating with industry experts to create a single spot for people to find the resources needed to learn and grow as researchers, and train others in UX research methodologies as well. We’re really excited about the Toolbox, expect to hear more later this month.

Thanks Aryel! We’re looking forward to season 2.

About the host: Aryel Cianflone

Host Aryel Cianflone“I grew up in Southern California, just north of LA and east of Malibu. I’ve got two amazing brothers that are equally into tech – my little brother is even studying robotics in high school!

I moved to Utah for school where I studied international relations, and once out, decided I wanted a career where I could more quickly have an impact than I’d seen in my work in government. So I went to work for a company that I thought was doing some really interesting work around data accountability. As I watched the company grow from ~300 to ~900, I saw the problems that arise when you build features based on a “wouldn’t it be cool…” philosophy versus human-centered design principles.

Now I’m supporting a team with both hardware and software deliverables and working on Mixed Methods.”