Welcome to #UXchat with Whitney Quesenbery, Co-Founder at Center for Civic Design, in this Twitter chat round-up on the topic: designing for accessible UX.

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This week’s topic: Designing for Accessible UX

Our esteemed host is: Whitney Quesenbery, Co-Founder at Center for Civic Design

Whitney is an authority on gathering the user insights needed to design products where people matter, expertise gained in her work with government, nonprofit, and tech companies. In her work at the Center, she focuses on reaching people with disabilities or low reading, digital, or civic literacy, using her skills in user experience research, plain language, and accessibility.

She is proud of the Center’s work to introduce best practices for election design across the country, including the Field Guides To Ensuring Voter Intent, and work on official voter information guides with the League of Women Voters. Her work on the plain language version of the California Voter Bill of Rights, usable vote-by-mail envelopes, and voter registration has made it easier for people across the country to vote.

Whitney is the author of three books with practical advice in user experience: A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences, Storytelling in User ExperienceGlobal UX: Design and Research in a Connected World.

You can connect with Whitney via Twitter: @whitneyq

This week, Whitney and our UX community discussed the following subjects:

1. If you’re just starting to make your website accessible, what are the 3 most important things you can do?

2. How can we go beyond compliance with regulations to designing a great accessible user experience?

3. How do you include people with disabilities in your UX research?

Read the highlights from this #uxchat discussion in the Twitter Moment below:



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