[19.3 UserZoom Summer Release] The Complete Experience for UX Results

Quick Insights into Any UX Question.


UserZoom’s 19.3 Summer Release completes our all new Results experience, with a streamlined UI and new charts, graphs, and filtering capabilities for any UX question or study in UserZoom. Specifically, this evolution of our Results experience includes new visualization and analysis capabilities for both Tree Tests and Click Tests.


Join this on-demand customer webinar, where our Product team will update you on what’s new in this release and how you can leverage the new capabilities to your advantage.


The webinar includes an overview of:


  • What’s new with Click Tests Results, and how you can leverage them to quickly see, and measure, how users react and respond to designs including prototypes, wireframes, images, and sketches.
  • What’s included with new Tree Test Results, and how these changes help you see how users group and find items to validate site structures and improve navigation
  • Other changes and enhancements included within this release, and an early opportunity to understand our product roadmap for the rest of the year - including UserZoom’s acquisition of Validately