Accessibility Isn’t Enough – Designing Digital Properties to be Usable and Accessible For All

Accessibility Isn’t Enough - Designing Digital Properties to be Usable and Accessible For All

Today, there are many things to consider when designing digital products. A delightful experience and great usability are rocketing to the top of the list as more and more companies understand that experience is a key differentiator for the modern consumer. There is, however, one critical area that can sometimes be overlooked: accessibility for people with various disabilities.

Whether it’s cognitive, audial, visual or tactile, designing a digital experience that’s as pleasing for people with disabilities as for those without can seem like a daunting issue. The good news is that this is entirely doable, and that including accessibility thinking in the design process can lead to innovation that benefits all users (as well as your organization’s bottom line).

Join Sharron Rush and Jayne Schurick of Knowbility.org, a national nonprofit corporation that delivers a broad range of technical and consulting services to ensure that Internet and other technology products are accessible to people with disabilities, and UserZoom’s Sr. Director of Research, Ann Rochanayon, to learn more about the how’s and why’s of designing and testing for accessibility.

Key takeaways from this webinar on-demand:
  • The fiscal and ethical importance of designing for all
  • How companies have successfully used accessibility to improve their products
  • How to run an accessibility test in UserZoom

About the webinar speaker


Jayne Schurick - Software Consultant Usability Engineer at Knowbility.Org

Jayne Schurick, is a Software Consultant Usability Engineer at Knowbility. She is a UX Researcher with expertise in all phases of user research, including ethnographic and usability research using a variety of tools, such as observation, interviews, diaries, focus groups, and surveys. She has worked with many different types of users, including children, adults, seniors, and people with disabilities, in order to develop profiles/personas, identify needs, test product concepts, and measure usability.

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Sharron Rush - Executive Director at Knowbility.Org

Sharron Rush is Executive Director at Knowbility, and an award-winning pioneer in the field of digital accessibility. Her book Maximum Accessibility, co-written with the late Dr. John Slatin, is a seminal text about how to implement accessible technology. Sharron frequently speaks at technology and disability conferences with the goal of helping organizations to extend employment, education, and social opportunities to everyone - including people of all ages with disabilities.