Benchmarking Mini-series Part #1: Proving Value & Quantifying the Impact of UX Research through Benchmarking

BENCHMARKING MINI-SERIES PART #1: Proving Value & Quantifying the Impact of UX Research through Benchmarking

If you work in user research you know your work can uncover an array of user insights which can inform business and design decisions, and ultimately help create a better experience for users. However, it can be difficult to quantify anecdotal experiences, especially if you’re mainly running moderated tests and getting qualitative insight (i.e. people telling you why your product is awesome or needs major improvement!)

How can you communicate this data effectively and efficiently to stakeholders, and more critically, how do you tie an ‘improved user experience’ to improvements in your company’s overall KPIs?

Hear from UserZoom's Senior Director of UX Research, Dana Bishop, in a webinar on-demand covering how quantifying the impact of UX research through benchmarking can help prove the value of research, tie user experience to business objectives and engage stakeholders.

Watch this webinar on-demand and learn about:

  • User Experience benchmarking and it's value
  • Competitive UX benchmarking
  • What, when and how often you should benchmark
  • How to talk to your executives about the importance of benchmarking

Who do we think would be interested? UX Researchers, UX Designers, Product Managers, Market Researchers, Digital Marketers, and anyone who is new to running benchmark studies or has never run one before