UserZoom hosted our first “Better UX” event in the US this month at our headquarters in San Jose, CA. The theme of the event was Crafting Experiences in the Enterprise and we invited several UX experts from ADP, CoverMyMeds, and ServiceMaster, along with famed agile UX author and speaker Sean Van Tyne, to share their expertise in crafting enterprise-level experiences for their customers as well as offer tips and insights from their journeys.

It was an excellent day of speakers and of insight sharing amongst peers and networking, peppered with live flamenco music and scrumptious tapas style plates. If you couldn’t join us this time, you definitely don’t want to miss the next one.

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Speaker Sessions

Developing an Enterprise UX ROI Initiative

Speakers: Margot Dear & JD Buckley
Company: ADP

In the last few years user experience teams have fought hard for a seat at the decision making table. Once seated, they’ve been asked to quantify the value of UX efforts and practices to executives. This request is challenging for customer facing products and services - in enterprise environments it can be even more daunting. In this presentation, we tell the story of a small but mighty UX team in a Fortune 500 corporate setting who took on the task of developing an Enterprise UX ROI initiative and what they learned along the way.

Agile UX in the Enterprise

Speaker: Sean Van Tyne
Company: Van Tyne Group

User Experience encompasses all aspects of your end-user’s interaction with your company, product and
services and your customers are having an experience with your brand regardless if you're consciously managing it. When we talk about building better experiences for the enterprise it's integral to keep this in mind because a good experience wins markets, while a poor experience drives customers to your competition.

Agile TOL: How Cutting Recruitment Time Enables Intelligent Risk

Speaker: Kevin Newton
Company: ServiceMaster

How do you redesign a product you don't really understand? How can you ensure that the designs you recommend and pass off to the team will actually add value? Intelligent risk enabled by rapid, iterative testing. To do this every step in the process has to be quick from problem validation to design to recruiting participants and testing. This presentation will discuss how ServiceMaster combined a modified version of Google's design sprint process with the power of UserZoom's agile talk out loud feature to dramatically increase the usability of an eCommerce funnel and to further the credibility and impact of UX research within the company.

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