Demystifying Sample Size - How Many Participants Do You Really Need for UX Research?

Demystifying Sample Size - How Many Participants Do You Really Need for UX Research?

We are sure you've had sample size conversation at your job. How many participants do we need for this study? Do we need to be statistically significant? Jakob Nielsen says we only need five, is that always true? Business Leaders say we need larger sample size, so do we?

Every week here at UserZoom we get asked about how many participants should be recruited for a study and we are here to help you demystify sample size.

As is often the case for research and design, there is no “one size fits all” answer when it comes to sample size. It depends on several research factors that will be covered in this webinar on-demand, so be sure to save your seat and become better prepared to give an answer with confidence the next time sample size questions come up.

View this webinar on-demand and learn:

  • Common questions & answers regarding sample sizes
  • Tips and tricks to ascertain sample size based on various objectives
  • Easy ways of explaining why you chose small or large sample sizes to your stakeholders
  • A simple table that shows what sample sizes are needed under what conditions

About the webinar speaker


Kuldeep Kelkar - VP of UX Consulting & Professional Services at UserZoom

Kuldeep Kelkar has more than 15 years of UX research, design and engineering experience and joins UserZoom from TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), where he was Head of User Experience. Prior to that, he led UX Design and User Research at PayPal for nearly a decade. He also has led UX efforts at KLA-Tencor and Icon Medialab.

Kuldeep is a renowned author and speaker, and he brings a BE in Industrial Engineering from Nagpur University and an Masters Degree in Human Computer Interaction from the Industrial Engineering department at Clemson University.