Exploring UX in the Enterprise: The Industry’s Hottest Trends & Insights from 2018

We were surprised to find that more than half of our respondents said their CEO mentions User Experience as a key differentiator during analyst calls, company all-hands, and other forums.

Here at UserZoom, we wanted to see what the state of UX was in the Enterprise in 2018—so, we surveyed hundreds of people from enterprise companies all over the world. We discovered many interesting findings, like what’s going well for UX in the enterprise, as well as some of the biggest challenges that UX professionals are experiencing more often than not.

In a webinar covering these 2018 trends, join Kuldeep Kelkar, UserZoom's SVP of Global Professional Services, as he advises on how experience professionals can overcome these top challenges reported by peers

This webinar covers:
  • What hundreds of experience professionals at some of the largest organizations on the planet said about the culture of research and the state of UX in the Enterprise in 2018
  • Answers to questions like: what is the perceived value of UX at your organization based on your executive team’s actions within the last 12 months and have you seen a change in your UX budget?
  • The top four challenges that UX teams are facing as well as our recommendations on how to alleviate or overcome them

Webinar Speaker

Kuldeep Kelkar - SVP Global UX Research & Consulting and Professional Services