Join us for a Virtual Roundtable, held exclusively for Healthcare executives on August 26, 2020.

The current pandemic has transformed the way healthcare organizations operate; from acquiring patients, to interacting with employees, to finding ways to adapt to new digital capabilities and respond to these changes.

Adding to the pace and scale of the pandemic, the magnitude of the challenge is intensified by the relative digital immaturity of healthcare organizations. A 2019 survey identified that 59% of healthcare organizations lacked a well-defined digital strategy.

An understanding of the current challenges, trends, and best practices can help healthcare leaders to adapt to these changes and become true digital leaders in the industry. This forthcoming roundtable discussion is a great opportunity for us to share ideas and discuss these issues in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Please join us for an exclusive, invitation-only event that will draw from the experiences of your fellow attendees and offer thoughts on the future of digital healthcare.


Guilio is obsessed with digital transformation in healthcare. He’s a senior surgeon and clinician with a unique background, blending his experience as a cardiothoracic consultant, professional medical editor, and a scientific adviser to the European Medicines Agency. He’s the former Director of Global Solution Strategy and Chief Medical Officer at Cerner in the United Kingdom.





Dennis is a healthcare digital experience champion. He helps providers improve patients’ access to the right care through innovative digital channels, helps clinicians improve patient outcomes by spending less time using terrible software, helps payers and providers simplify revenue cycle management through platform improvements.




Ryan has been in product design and technology for over 20 years. Over the last ten years, he has been dedicated to customer experience and people-centered design efforts by leading and delivering human-centered design products, services, strategies, and organizations that meet consumer needs while creating business value. He’s the former Director of User Experience at UPMC Health Plan where he led the UX design, research, and strategy function.



  1. How Covid-19 is changing the digital needs of the healthcare industry (5 mins)
  2. Guest speaker presentation (10 mins) – a healthcare leader’s perspective on digital healthcare
  3. Interactive discussion around these topics (30 mins)
    • Public education around COVID-19
    • Telehealth and remote care
    • Consumerization of healthcare / digital self-service
  4. Wrap up (5 minutes)

This is an invitation-only event and you should have received an invitation from our team member. Please RSVP by replying to your contact person.

If you are interested but did not receive an invitation, please send us an email.