It's About The Destination, Not Just The Journey

It's About The Destination, Not Just The Journey

Online experiences can have great navigation but then fail at the content level. People can find things but then struggle to interpret the information that they are presented with when they reach their intended destination. To create better user experiences, you need to care about delivering useful and usable content. However, few companies have given testing content the attention it deserves.

This webinar describes how to effectively evaluate content through user research, featuring some examples of how UserZoom enabled Sky to do exactly that. A case study is presented that illustrates how remote un-moderated studies helped Sky to assess the impact of videos on customers’ comprehension and understanding of pro-rata billing.

Key takeaways from this webinar on-demand:
  • Why content is as important as navigation for the user experience
  • How Sky were able to improve their billing content through user research
  • The best approaches to test the content of your digital platforms
  • How Agile Think-Out-Loud Testing can deliver user insights in hours