Make UX A Part of the KPI Conversation With Universal Measures

Make UX A Part of the KPI Conversation With Universal Measures

Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are basic measures that are often front in center in most board rooms. They give direction throughout an organization for what the priorities of that organization are. Top KPIs in organizations might include sales revenue, customer value, conversion rates, inbound marketing ROI, and site traffic to name a few.

For decades, user experience professionals have been debating how to associate experience measures with these key KPIs. When attempting to make these associations UX practitioners struggle to consistently associate research findings to concrete KPIs.

Enter Universal Measures, a technique to help practitioners bring an experience KPI to their organization. Universal Measures will provide the always sought out ONE SCORE for experience that your organization can track and analyze correlations to other critical KPIs.

In this webinar on-demand, Dr. Andrea Peer, Onboarding Customer Success Manager at UserZoom, presents:

  • How Universal Measures makes tangible the abstract concept of experience for your organization
  • How practitioners can make experience a critical KPI for their organization
  • Ways to establish experience score goals for all lines of business
  • The benefits Universal Measures brings to executives and stakeholders

About the webinar speaker


Andrea Peer, Onboarding Customer Success Manager at UserZoom

Dr. Andrea Peer is an applied social scientist, user experience researcher, and interactive technology designer with a background in engineering, software development, psychology, and organizational management. For the past 15 years she has drawn on social, computer, engineering and data sciences to create innovative end-user applications. She's led global user experience teams and helped grow UX capacity for dozens of organizations. Currently, Andrea has a doctoral degree in Human Computer Interaction. Her specific area of research is dedicated to examining how organizations can grow their UX capacity. Currently, Andrea is leading the Onboarding experience at UserZoom, helping customers gain both tactical and strategic benefits from the UserZoom software and service suite.