Moving The Needle With UX Benchmarking

Moving The Needle With UX Benchmarking

About to embark on a redesign project? Want to better understand how your product is performing? Perhaps you want to systematically check how you stack up against your competitors. If so, you might want to consider running a UX benchmark study.

Join us in a webinar as Dana Bishop, Senior Director of UX Research at UserZoom, shares her expertise on conducting successful and impactful UX benchmark studies.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • What UX benchmarking is - longitudinal & competitive
  • Why UX benchmarking is integral for UX maturity
  • Setting up your benchmarking goals and objectives for success
  • Expert tips on conducting UX benchmarks
  • Analyzing your benchmarking data - work smarter, not harder!

About the webinar speaker


Dana Bishop - Senior Director, UX Research at UserZoom

Dana's career in UX Research spans more than 20 years. Dana was an early adopter of online research platforms, starting back in 1999. And in the nearly two decades since, has run hundreds of remote unmoderated UX studies. Her primary area of focus for the past 15 years has been competitive research and benchmarking, and has notably run benchmarking studies in many industries including: Financial Services, Insurance, Travel, Retail, Automotive, and Tech.