Sourcing The Right Participants For Your UX Research & Testing

Sourcing The Right Participants For Your UX Research & Testing

One of the more challenging aspects of running research studies is finding the right participants. You might find yourself asking a lot of questions, such as: How do I recruit participants? How should I pay participant incentives? How can I find a B2B audience? How am I going to recruit hard to find and niche participants?

Watch as we delve into the myriad methods of finding the right participants for your UX Research & Testing. Learn from UX experts about the different methods of sourcing participants as well as their takeaways on how you can ensure your recruiting efforts are successful.

In this on-demand webinar, you will discover:
  • The various participant sourcing methods
  • Tips and tricks to ensure your recruiting efforts go smoothly
  • How UserZoom’s UX experts find the right participants
  • An exclusive first look into exciting participant sourcing developments at UserZoom

Sourcing Participants

About the webinar speaker


Kuldeep Kelkar - VP of UX Consulting & Professional Services, UserZoom

Kuldeep Kelkar has more than 15 years of UX research, design and engineering experience and joins UserZoom from TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), where he was Head of User Experience. Prior to that, he led UX Design and User Research at PayPal for nearly a decade. He also has led UX efforts at KLA-Tencor and Icon Medialab. Kuldeep is a renowned author and speaker, and he brings a BE in Industrial Engineering from Nagpur University and an Masters Degree in Human Computer Interaction from the Industrial Engineering department at Clemson University.