Telling Your UX Metrics Story - The 21st Century Metrics Model

Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. HiPPO! HiPPOs often make many design decisions within organizations, despite the best efforts by designers and other UX professionals. This often results in failed re-designs and unused research reports.

Join Kuldeep Kelkar, SVP of Global UX Research at UserZoom and Asha Fereydouni, User Experience Researcher at UserZoom, as they share a powerful framework (also featured by UX Magazine, UXPA International and RGD, The Association of Registered Graphic Designers) that connects design/UX metrics to product, enterprise, and financial metrics to help you make a precise and defensible case for your work.

View this webinar and:

  • Learn about what business-metrics are key within your organization
  • Make informed decisions about metrics you gather
  • Visualize the vaguely linear relationship among UX and other business metrics
  • Make a precise and defensible case about how your work affects key business metrics
  • Earn influence to shape the prioritization of these metrics, and lead more high-quality, impactful design/research within your organization

Webinar Speakers:

  • Kuldeep Kelkar - SVP of Global UX Research, UserZoom
  • Asha Fereydouni - UX Researcher, UserZoom