Hold on to Your Hats - The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Might Actually Be a Good Thing for Design

You might have heard about SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). Maybe others have told you it’s a terrible, scary-looking, confusing diagram of how corporations try to “do agile.” Or maybe you’ve experienced the scrum-of-scrums-from-hell where no one knows what’s really going on, what the product you’re all working on is really supposed be, or why you’re even doing it in the first place. So you might be skittish about talking about it altogether! We're here to let you know there's good news - it's really not that scary!

During this webinar, Jennifer and River of Travelers will be sharing:

  • Firsthand stories from their internal XD practice
  • Information on what they've found that works and what doesn’t
  • Their experience with XD allies, as well as stakeholder management nightmares that lead them to key insights
  • Their hopes, visions, and plans for how they want to activate design thinking throughout their organization by creating meaningful experiences of design in addition to meaningful experiences.