Creating Your Dashboard & Universal Measures With UserZoom - The Deep-Dive How-To

Creating Your Dashboard & Universal Measures With UserZoom – The Deep-Dive How-To

In Dr. Peer's previous webinar she went over Universal Measures, a technique to help experience practitioners bring an experience KPI to their organization. She discussed how Universal Measures can provide the often sought one-score for experience that organizations can use to track and analyze correlations to other business critical KPIs.

In this webinar on-demand, Dr. Peer covers how experienced practitioners can accomplish bringing Universal Measures to their organizations by creating their eXperience Score, determine their story, and crafting their executive dashboard and product scorecards.

In this webinar on-demand discover:

  • How to determine your experience goals.
  • How to create your unique eXperience Score.
  • How to ensure your UserZoom space is set up to support your eXperience Score work.
  • How to do the calculations for your eXperience Score once you've captured the key variables
  • Examples of strategic stories you can use to grow your experience practice
  • How to craft your executive dashboards and product scorecards

About the webinar speaker


Andrea Peer, Onboarding Customer Success Manager at UserZoom

Dr. Andrea Peer is an applied social scientist, user experience researcher, and interactive technology designer with a background in engineering, software development, psychology, and organizational management. For the past 15 years she has drawn on social, computer, engineering and data sciences to create innovative end-user applications. She's led global user experience teams and helped grow UX capacity for dozens of organizations. Currently, Andrea has a doctoral degree in Human Computer Interaction. Her specific area of research is dedicated to examining how organizations can grow their UX capacity. Currently, Andrea is leading the Onboarding experience at UserZoom, helping customers gain both tactical and strategic benefits from the UserZoom software and service suite.