UserZoom brand toolkit

Our brand is a reflection of our customers, our team, and everything that create. Here you'll find our brand guidelines, logos and pictures for you to use.

Logo pack

The UserZoom logo can be used in colour or black or white. Always leave plenty of space around the logo and please don’t alter the logo in any way. Use the full logo as big as you want, but no smaller than 40px.

UserZoom brand guidelines

A robust set of Guides that can be applied to all external collateral while leaving room for creative expression. They contain basic identity elements, as well as general rules for applying these across all media types.

People and team photos

UserZoom lives by People First Values. Here's a selection of our team and company at work and play.

Product photos

UserZoom 'solution' is everything available to our customers, including the platform. Here are some images that represent our platform.

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