Click testing

A fast and cost-effective way to ensure your design works for users.

Evaluate first impressions

Test and evaluate early-stage or existing pages and uncover users' preferences, pain points and whether the design is meeting their expectations.

Improve clarity and findability

By asking users where they would click to perform a task, you can understand if your design is taking them on the right journey.

Seeing is believing

Click data is aggregated and visualized in heatmaps, darkmaps or click clusters. Making it easier to visualize where your users are focusing.

See where users are focusing

Click testing helps better inform your decisions when developing a new page or product. You can run click tests on multiple design variants to understand which best meets your key objectives.

When to use

Click testing is an ideal method to evaluate and iterate concepts with users at an early stage, allowing research and design to run concurrently.

What to remember

A great benefit of click testing is that you don’t even need to have a website up and running to verify your ideas. Along with live sites, you can also test prototypes and wireframes.

What to prepare

You can test anything from scanned sketches to wireframes to a hi-fidelity mockup. Depending on the desired outcome, you can designate certain areas as being 'successful' for users to click, if you're giving them a specific task.

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