Competitive UX Benchmarking Service

Gain valuable market insight with UserZoom's subscription-based series of competitive UX benchmark reports designed to explore revenue-critical digital experiences across industries

Intelligence across global markets

We believe the best way to find creative solutions to problems, be innovative, and create disruption is to look outside of your industry for inspiration.

By subscribing to our Competitive UX Benchmarking Service, you’ll get access to attitudinal and behavioral user experience data across a variety of industries, so you can: 

  • Benchmark the performance of your digital experiences compared to the best experiences in the market
  • Inform which features are worth replicating

Competitive insights using our unique ranking system

Each competitive benchmark report uses UserZoom’s proprietary QXscore™ to rank the companies included.

By quantifying multiple dimensions of user experience data into a holistic metric, QXscore™ helps companies benchmark the performance of individual experiences relative to competitors and provides companies with an objective measure for identifying revenue opportunities.

2022 Competitive UX Benchmarking subscription

By subscribing to our service, you'll receive

6 industry-based reports

UserZoom’s service offers a series of competitive UX benchmark reports that includes multiple in-depth revenue-critical digital experiences, scorecards that benchmark each competitor across key experience drivers, and access to video insights from the study’s participants.

A 60-minute readout

A dedicated UserZoom UX research leader with industry expertise will deliver a 1-hour custom presentation to your executives & key stakeholders

Insights across key industries

Life Insurance

Released in early 2022
🇺🇸 US Report | 🇬🇧 UK Report


Retail/CPG (Cosmetics)

Retail Buy Online, Pick up in Store

Looking to do some custom research?

With UserZoom you can field your own competitive UX benchmark study, gain access to UserZoom’s QXscore™ through a platform subscription or be included in our future industry studies. Fill out the form below to learn more.

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