2022 Software/IT Digital Experience Study

When it comes to Software/IT, trust is everything. Visitors expect thoughtful user experience (UX) design, simple and clear messaging, and seamless self-service options. When websites fall short, it rapidly erodes trust in the brand.

About this study

This study is the only mixed-method benchmarking study of its kind – going beyond traditional survey-based research by combining attitudinal and behavioral insights to provide companies with a holistic view into the mind of consumers as they learn about and evaluate software.

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Interested in hearing key findings from our 2022 Software/IT Digital Experience Study? Learn how competitive UX benchmarking can help you confidently inform UX strategy and investment decisions. Stay tuned for a save the date.

UserZoom's Competitive UX Benchmarking Service includes:

Full Report with scorecards

The 130-page report includes a deep-dive into 4 key revenue-critical digital experiences, scorecards that benchmark each competitor across key experience drivers, and access to video insights from the study’s participants.

Executive presentation

A custom 60-minute presentation for executives & key stakeholders by a UX research leader with life insurance expertise.

Options for customizations

Get in touch with our team to field your own competitive UX benchmark study, gain access to QXscore through your platform subscription, or get your brand included in upcoming industry UX benchmarking studies.

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