Understand Your Customer’s Digital Journey to Improve UX and Increase Conversions

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Uncover, Map and Measure every point along the digital journey

The path to purchase is more complicated than ever before but with UserZoom, you can understand this rapidly changing journey.

Beginning with awareness and inspiration at the top of the funnel, to copy and content creation all the way through to purchase on the digital shelf, there are friction points and areas for improvement. UserZoom lets you discover, map, measure key moments along this journey.


Capture first party data to understand the “Why”

Most brands struggle with understanding the full picture when it comes to shopper behavior on a site like Amazon or Wal-Mart. In fact, there is a significant gap between the information that marketing professionals need to know and what is traditionally available. UserZoom fills the gap between the “what” and the “why” on any eCommerce site. Our ability to capture actionable insights into what consumers think and do as they are interacting with the digital shelf and your brand in their own environment and on their own devices.

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Build Consistent Pure Play and Omni-Channel experiences

Your brand’s experience should be consistent across every channel. UserZoom gives you the ability to quickly capture actionable qualitative and quantitative insights about your brand, the shopper and the retailer to build better Pure Play and Omni-Channel experiences.


Benchmark Your Experiences

UserZoom's proprietary qxScore gives you a single metric to track attitudes and behaviours surrounding your brand or product’s digital experience over time, across retailers or against the competition.


Targeted Recruitment

UserZoom partners with the largest and most respected market research panels in the world to recruit, field and incentivize participants globally. These are not professional survey takers – these are real people who meet your requirements. They are vetted, validated and digitally fingerprinted before being invited to participate in a study.  Don’t want to use our audience? That’s ok with us.  You’re always able to bring your own respondents to participate in research on our platform.

Learn more about our recruiting options.


Prioritizing Security

Testing digitally can be potentially risky if you don’t have the right partner. UserZoom places top priority on protecting your data and is backed by the toughest security standards in the world.

  • Our platform is designed with data security in mind and incorporates multiple safeguards to prohibit capturing any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • We conduct biannual security audits, OWASP Top 10 and penetration tests via our highly recognized global security partner.
  • We are SOC2 Type 2 and PCI compliant and all of our data connections are via SSL.

We are the UX Insights Company.