Definitive usability testing checklist 

Our usability testing checklist is a great way to organize your thoughts and ensure you’re prepping for a successful study. Here’s what to consider: 

  • Define your objectives for the study: What global questions do you want users to answer? What hypotheses do you want to validate?
  • Choose your participants: Do you want to invite real users? What key demographic are you after? How many total participants to get the information you’re after?
  • Select your questions: What general psycho-demographic information are you after? What questions are needed to test your hypothesis?
  • Create a realistic scenario: What are common user scenarios that occur on your site or app that you want to test?
  • Prepare your tasks: How, you ask? That’s where our template comes in, which is up in a couple of paragraphs! 
  • Decide where you want to place user questionnaires: At the beginning of your study, after each task, at the end of the study?
  • Configure the script into your testing tool: When you are done planning your study along this framework, it is time to enter everything in your UX research software.

In the following graphic, we provide an overview of all these elements to help you when reviewing your final script:

Template for writing usability tasks

If you read our checklist closely, you’ll notice we mentioned a handy template for writing usability tasks. This template is a favorite of the UserZoom team. We advise you to make one copy of this table for each task you create…

To contextualize the template, below is an example one we filled in earlier for an e-commerce website!