Solutions for Designers

Get the answers to all of your design questions, when you need them

Solve both tactical and strategic design needs with UserZoom—whether running rapid iterative testing in agile sprints or tackling longer-term challenges, UserZoom enables you to meet immediate design needs and focus on higher-impact strategic projects at the same time.

Agile design testing.

From low-fidelity flat visuals to functional prototypes and staging environments, UserZoom allows you to rapidly validate design concepts to get quick UX insights you can depend on to de-risk your launch deliverables and get the answers you need to make better design decisions.

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Launch studies in minutes.

Our intuitive UI makes everything from creating and launching your study to analyzing results quick and easy. Build and launch your study in minutes with the help of a wizard-based builder, our vast library of project templates, and unique features that allow you to both duplicate studies and reuse tasks that you’ve created previously, across all of your engagements.


Access to the right users, when you need them.

Make decisions based on user insights, not the highest paid person's opinion. UserZoom's flexible and automated sourcing engine allows you to launch design studies with your own users or from our pool of over 120 million participants, so you can settle internal disputes and get buy-in for user-centric changes.

Professional Services Offerings

Help when you need it.

UserZoom’s Professional Services act as an extension of your internal UX team. Our highly experienced team has 200+ years of combined experience in the UX / CX space working for top companies and can help you unlock actionable insights fast at any stage of the product lifecycle.


Value you can prove.

Get buy-in for UX research in your organization with a proven UX insights solution.

Forrester Research conducted a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examined the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying UserZoom and increasing their focus on UX research:

  • 537% return on investment
  • $2.3mn in benefits over three years
  • An investment payback time of under 6 months
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We are the UX Insights Company.