UX 360: Demonstrating digital success

UserZoom's annual 'State of UX' survey has evolved to present a more complete picture of the fast-changing digital experience industry.

In our inaugural UX 360 report, you'll discover that leaders from organizations of all sizes recognize the business value of delivering a great user experience, but few digital teams currently measure UX directly and therefore cannot prove their business value. 

Our survey of digital experience professionals reveals who is accountable for UX, what value it brings to businesses, how that value is measured, and what are organizations doing to ensure UX delivers on its goals.

From out of the flames of 2020, make 2021 the year where you demonstrate digital success.

Three key takeaways

#1 – UX is a team sport without a captain

Either everyone owns user experience, or a smattering of teams do. There is no clear-cut accountability for delivering an optimal user experience, nor evidence of top-down leadership.

#2 – Leadership values UX — only if it’s backed by meaningful data

The rate at which digital experience professionals say executives recognize the value of UX (81%) far outpaces the rate at which they say executives can effectively measure it (59%). And these measures tend to be indirect indicators of UX performance.

#3 – An integrated and analytical approach to UX is an advantage across every business outcome

Organizations with established processes to get user insights throughout product development, and do so with analytical rigor, reap the benefits of UX on business KPIs and goals.

Start demonstrating your digital success in 2021