An interview with our CTO & Co-Founder

Xavier is a passionate, dedicated software professional and a remote UX research evangelist with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Surrounded by an excellent team, working together to make technology easier to use. He is based in Barcelona and has been leading UserZoom’s Engineering Team since the company was founded.

Xavi, what are you and the Engineering Team focused on currently?

UserZoom is growing very fast and my focus as CTO has adapted over the years to each of those stages that the company has gone through, by balancing company objectives with team needs. Additionally, we have acquired 4 companies and each of them requires a different approach to onboard their people successfully and efficiently into our team. UserZoom’s Engineering hub was originally fully based in Barcelona but now, by embracing remote work, we are hiring in many different regions and as a result we have an international and diverse team.

Our customers are global and include more than 50% of the Fortune 100 companies, which requires us to be highly effective, excellent and to offer a top-quality service.

We have adopted a Kaizen philosophy across UserZoom.  This means we aim for continuous, small improvements and incremental gains.  Within our own engineering methodology which has been created and fine tuned over the years, the team continuously detects opportunities for improvement and they work on specific and small actions to tackle each of them.

Our current focus is to be able scale our team efficiently in line with our high growth plans, while we increase our velocity in a sustainable way to continuously deliver as much value as we are able to in a very competitive and aggressive market

You are one of the Founders of UserZoom, how has the company evolved?

The company has radically evolved since we started. A handful of engineers have evolved to a high-performing and talented team of ~90 Engineers in 2021 and we expect to keep growing our engineering team in 2022!

The company has developed all departments to a very high level. We have a very international team now.

We have created and evolved our methodology, based in Agile, to cover our own needs and we keep working on making our software development life cycle more efficient in each iteration.

UserZoom has a very flexible approach in regards to where our engineers work from. Our office has become an asset that our teams can leverage as they consider how to become more efficient. We have engineers that come to the office everyday, others that come a few days a week, others that join specific team events in person and others that are fully remote. This hybrid approach, based in trust, has made our team more efficient and increased team satisfaction.

UserZoom has embraced the latest technologies and invests in innovation to provide the best solution to our global customers.

Our own platform is composed of multiple solutions and new projects. This allows our

engineers to continuously grow within our organization as we define varied career paths. Our average tenure for colleagues is much longer than the market benchmarks and our attrition rate is low.

What has been your proudest moment at UserZoom as a CTO?

One of our original aims, that companies should embed user experience research within their product development life cycle has become a reality, a no brainer and it is now seen as a competitive advantage.

As the CTO of UserZoom, I am very proud of seeing how much passion and commitment we have in our engineering team, to keep working towards our vision and company objectives.

We have released, and keep releasing, very sophisticated and innovative solutions that the best corporations of the world are using on a daily basis to improve the user experience of hundreds of millions of users. We have bet on innovation and it has been recognized with many different patents for our intellectual property portfolio.

We see our teammates grow their professional careers within the company, promoting and getting more responsibilities while helping the company reach the next level.

What do you think are the key elements of a great Engineering culture?

We have always considered that values are more important than skills. To a certain extent, skills can be improved and evolved, but hiring the right people with values aligned with our team has been key to creating a great engineering culture.

Our engineering methodology allows our engineers to be protagonists in everything we do. We have a very open environment, where everything can be discussed constructively. We continuously work to ensure that everyone plays an important role within the team.

Culture is something that requires a lot of time and effort to build and is very easy to break. Culture is created by our people. We hire people who share our values and together, we build our culture, making UserZoom a great place to work.

As a CTO, you’ve been really involved in hiring people for your team. What’s the most important thing that you look for when hiring?

Because our culture is so important we look for people who share our values: we’re always improving, we’re committed to inclusivity, we’re collaborative, we’re insights driven, we're passionate about our customers' experience.

Honesty, collaborative, proactivity, listener, empathy, eager to learn and improve are traits we also consider very important. We are looking for engineers that are willing to commit, share and actively contribute to our vision. We are always looking to upgrade our team with people who are experts in different areas or have had experiences in their professional careers that can make our team stronger, but we are also looking for professionals who have less experience but still have enthusiasm to contribute, learn and grow within our team.

What are you most excited about for the business and the industry next year?

The user experience revolution is becoming mainstream and strategic. Every single company needs to become digital, if they are not there yet. Every company needs to provide the best possible user experience to their customers and employees to be competitive in the market. Those who don’t, will not survive. We expect a huge growth in this category in the following years, we are very well positioned and ready to lead it.

If you are interested in joining our Engineering Team, have a look at our live vacancies!