UserZoom Fair Usage Policy

1. Number of Live Studies Allowed

In relation to each live study purchased under an Order Form, the number of live UX studies allowed to be conducted by the Customer shall be subject to an average limit of one per day (with this average being taken over the span of a given calendar month), and subject to paragraph 2 below.

2. Unlimited Participant Sourcing

a. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with UserZoom in the applicable Order Form, all unmoderated study types in the UserZoom platform that are designated as unlimited, are subject to: a) up to 10 Participants per unmoderated qualitative UX study (i.e. think-out-loud usability test); b) up to 100 participants per quantitative UX study type; c) studies being conducted on the UserZoom platform only; d) a total length of each study not exceeding 20 minutes; e) studies being conducted on desktop or mobile devices only; and f) a 40% or greater incidence rate among a general population audience (subject to a lower incidence rate being agreed in the applicable Order Form).

b. Customers who wish to source Participants with a lower incidence rate than that specified in 2(a) above, should consult their UserZoom account manager and will be subject to the current rate card.

c. In the event Customer sources Participants with an incident rate of less than 40% (or such other lower incidence rate as agreed by UserZoom in writing) in either a live UX study or through an unlimited Participant sourcing option (i.e. IntelliZoom), UserZoom reserves the right to charge Customer for the amount of participant credits required to source those Participants that fall outside of this fair usage policy.

3. Research Hours and Participant Credits

Research hours or participant credits purchased by Customer that have not been used prior to the expiration of a subscription period shall be capable of being carried over to the renewal subscription periods until there is a break in service due to Customer not renewing. In the event Customer does not renew, the remaining credits will be carried forward if Customer reinstates its subscription within 365 days from the most recent subscription termination date.

4. Seats for UserZoom Go

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, the number of user seat(s) for UserZoom Go, if any, shall be limited to the number of seat(s) set forth in the applicable Order Form.

5. Recruiting Restrictions for UserZoom Go

The limitations on Participants for UserZoom Go are stated below and any recruit of such Participants will be at a custom price:

  • Moderated recruiting for people who make over $100k per year. 
  • Moderated recruiting for people outside of the US or specific geo-targeting within the US.
  • Moderated recruiting with screening for medical conditions.
  • Moderated recruiting with screening for hard to find/niche job titles.
  • Moderated recruiting with screening for niche customer behavior, such as using certain products that are not widely adopted.
  • In-person moderated recruiting.

6. Third Parties

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Order Form or the Agreement, Customer shall not be permitted to direct or instruct UserZoom-sourced Participants to visit any third-party survey, study or testing websites without UserZoom’s prior written consent (via email acceptable) in each instance.