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How We Help Enterprises

Prioritizing Security

UserZoom places top priority on protecting your data and employs rigorous security standards to protect your information.

  • Our platform is designed with data security in mind and incorporates multiple safeguards to control the collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • We conduct biannual security audits, OWASP Top 10 and penetration tests through our globally recognized security partner.
  • We are PCI compliant and all data connections are via SSL.
  • Data is encrypted and hosted on servers that have undergone a rigorous SOC II audit
  • Our security team will work with your team to ensure your data is safe and secure. We are happy to produce documentation to support our focus on the security of your data.

Automate Testing

UserZoom allows you to collect structured data and easily filter your data set. Now you can focus on actionable insights and how they will affect your business.

Targeted Recruitment

Sourcing target participants that represent the actual target audience presents a massive challenge to many enterprise technology teams. That’s why UserZoom partners with the largest and most respected market research panels in the world to recruit, field and incentivize participants. These are not professional survey takers – these are real people who meet your strict requirements and who are digitally fingerprinted by our partners. Learn more about out our recruiting options.

All-in-one Approach

It can be a pain point to combine multiple tools to discover user insights. UserZoom takes an enterprise approach by offering an all-in-one platform for all your unmoderated testing needs. We offer the most versatile platform in the market to save you time and help you focus on actionable insights.

Multi-method Approach

UserZoom is the only platform to collect qualitative, quantitative and behavioral data within a single, fully integrated solution. Quantitative, structured data empowers our customers to filter unstructured qualitative data to support quantitative trends and tease out user insights more efficiently.

Agile Testing

Integrating UX testing into your agile development processes is a challenging but necessary task. UserZoom automates much of the data collection and analysis to help you optimize development while meeting those strict deadlines.

Testing Mobile and Desktop Prototypes

UserZoom knows that testing new, fresh concepts can be potentially risky in terms of intellectual property, which is why we provide controls to limit exposure within a safe, secure environment.

Getting feedback from real users should take hours, not weeks. With UserZoom, you can test your web and mobile prototypes early and often, allowing your team to focus on what is important, like validating your concepts, catching more errors, and creating a better experience overall. Learn how to save time by testing prototypes with UserZoom.


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