Make UX research part of your agile sprints, with the powerful combination of user videos and data

Capture User Videos

Capture emotional cues through video and screen recordings of users as they walk you through their experience

Rapidly Analyse Results

Leverage data and unique filtering capabilities to isolate the most valuable insights, and quickly identify problem areas

Combine Multiple Methods

As your research goals change, choose from the largest selection of UX research methods supported, all in one platform

Share Insights In Hours

Get audio, video and screen capture of real users thinking out loud as they experience your website, mobile app or prototype. Analyse results with the help of data and unique filtering capabilities that enable you to uncover insights and make UX research part of your agile sprints.

Build A Study In Minutes

Our intuitive study builder makes everything from selecting the right method to creating and launching your study easy. Launch a study in minutes with the help of a wizard-based builder, our vast library of project templates, and unique features that allow you to both duplicate studies and reuse tasks that you’ve created previously, across all of your engagements.


Access The Right Users

Instantly recruit the representative users for your study with our integrated panel! You can also intercept users directly from your website or app, as well as recruit participants from your own database. Learn more about UserZoom’s flexible recruiting options on our Panel & Recruiting page.


Validate, Test And Optimise Any UI


Test wireframes and prototypes early on to validate concepts


Test your desktop websites and applications from concept to launch


Test your mobile applications and websites with the same platform