Define your information architecture, test your navigation and validate that your taxonomy is intuitive

Design Your IA

Run open and closed card sort studies to intuitively group items together and optimise your site for findability

Test Your Navigation

Minimise risk and validate your IA by running screenshot click tests, timeout tests and tree tests

Combine Multiple Methods

Leverage different research methods within the same study for greater confidence in your taxonomy

Card Sorting

Understand how your users group items and define categories to organise and structure the taxonomy of your menus by leveraging our powerful online card sorting features. Conduct card sorting studies, both open and closed, on desktop or tablets, in order to make user navigation more intuitive.


Screenshot Click Test

Evaluate first impressions with screenshot click tests that will enable you to validate your wireframes and existing designs, improve clarity, increase findability and maximise comprehension. Resulting heatmaps enable you to quickly digest results and enact with confidence meaningful design changes


Screenshot Timeout Test

Measure how well users engage with and absorb the information on your web pages or designs by sharing time-limited screenshots with them, followed by questions designed to probe first impression, memorability and comprehension

Tree Testing

Optimise findability of information on your website so that users can find what they’re looking for with Tree Testing, a text-only navigational hierarchy that allows you to ask users to find specific content. The user’s path is tracked as it moves through the hierarchy, and UserZoom measures the user's ability to find information and complete key tasks.