Connect with users through real time interaction

Real Time Interaction

Connect with users in real time through integrated conferencing with audio, camera, and screen sharing capabilities

Combine Structured Tasks with Interviews

Leverage UserZoom tasks to build your study script, then dive deeper in your interview with follow-up questions

Get Video & Consolidated Task Reports

Get the whole picture with metrics, statistical data, and supporting questionnaire responses for your moderated studies

Great For In-Lab or In-The-Wild Testing

Whether you’re conducting moderated studies in a usability lab, or you’re conducting remote moderated studies with participants from geographically dispersed locations, UserZoom moderated testing allows you to get the insights you need for better UX, all with one platform

New Batch 2018-02-14

Expand Your Reach

Conduct your moderated research without geographical constraints by running them remotely, with the most qualified representative users. Easily test with users anywhere in the world, enabling you to do more with less and scale your moderated research efforts.

Streamline Your Toolkit

Gone are the days of expensive lab equipment, patchwork technology solutions, and manually porting videos, metrics, and notes for analysis and sharing. UserZoom’s Moderated Testing solution is the single solution for conducting, analyzing, and sharing your insights.

New Batch 2018-02-15
Recording: Conducting Remote Moderated Research & Testing with UserZoom

All-In-One Platform

With the ability to conduct moderated or unmoderated testing, UserZoom’s comprehensive set of solutions is your one stop shop for all things UX research.

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Remote Moderated 101: Expanding Your Research Toolkit

Remote Moderated Usability Testing has been gaining popularity over the last few years because it allows researchers that have been conducting research in the usability lab (with a limited travel budget) to reach out to geographically diverse populations. View this webinar to learn about tips and best practices for conducting remote moderated testing.


Conduct Remote Moderated Research With UserZoom

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that the ability to conduct remote moderated research studies with UserZoom is now live! That’s right - you can now conduct moderated studies and unmoderated studies on the same platform! UserZoom is now truly your one-stop-shop for all your UX research needs.


An Introduction to Remote Moderated Research

Remote moderated research is an important tool to consider adding to your toolbox if you’re spending a lot of time (and money) traveling in order to conduct in-person interviews, or if your users/stakeholders are spread around the globe.