Designed to meet the needs of every enterprise, plans can be customised for your unique requirements

Our Pricing Is Based On Three Core Components

Software Subscription

The annual software subscription gives you access to the core components of our proven UX Research Platform that undergoes continuous enhancement

Level of Utilisation

The level of utilisation is a variable component based upon usage, such as the number of named users, number of concurrent studies, panelists sourced, etc.

Professional Services

Professional services pricing is based on what you choose from our menu of services, such as, strategic roadmapping, study design, recruitment and data analysis

A snapshot of what you get with UserZoom

>   Run unlimited testing, anytime

>   Test on any device, at any stage

>   Run moderated & unmoderated studies

>   Recruit the perfect panel for you

>   Get user videos, UX metrics & benchmarks

>   Get clickstreams & heatmaps

>   Get dashboards & advanced reporting

>   Add advanced skip logic & conditions

>   Securely store data & share results

>   Access full library of study templates

>   Jumpstart research with on-site onboarding

>   Leverage our experts for end-to-end services

UserZoom Is Purpose-Built For The Enterprise

Toughest Data Security

UserZoom was built with data security in mind, has numerous safeguards in place and undergoes regular audits to ensure that your data is protected

Hands-on Global Support

From our hands-on support provided globally and in multiple languages to our dedicated onboarding team, we are here to enable your success

Flexible & Highly Customisable

We know that no two pieces of research are the same, which is why UserZoom allows you to customise every aspect of your studies