Collect qualitative & quantitative data to get the complete story

View & Analyse Results in Real Time

Within UserZoom’s dashboards you can:

See a summary view of your data

Browse individual responses

View dynamic charts

Use sort and filter options to analyse specific data views and segments

Easily download your results in multiple formats

User Feedback Videos

Quickly capture user video, audio and screen recordings as participants perform tasks on your web site, mobile site, mobile app, or prototype. Watching users perform a task has never been easier. You can use our technology to collect data from remote participants that is easy to view, filter, sort, download and share.


UX Metrics

Automatically gather quantitative UX metrics such as success rates, time on task, page views and number of clicks. Get the answers to your pressing questions and more with usability data collected with UserZoom. Don’t guess – measure.



See exactly how your users are behaving and where they’re clicking on a page. Analyst firms report as much as nine-fold revenue improvements from the application of behavioral data. With UserZoom you can easily collect behavioral data that is actionable and put it to use while it’s fresh.



View and analyse what path participants are taking through your site to complete their tasks, what percentage of them are successful, where they complete, and where they abandon.


Survey Responses

What do users like or dislike about your web site, mobile site, app? How easy is it for users to perform core tasks? Would they recommend your site to others? What are their recommendations for improving it? Get survey responses from your users and keep your finger on the pulse of your audience.



The way content is organised and categorised on your site is crucial to a user’s experience. Information Architecture (IA) focuses primarily on the navigation and taxonomy (labelling) of your web or mobile site. See how participants tend to group together certain items in both open and closed card sorts.