We help you make user experience your competitive advantage

Get actionable quant and qual insights

Leverage the powerful combination of User Videos and UX Metrics, for the quantitative and qualitative data needed to interpret and improve the relationship between user experience and your business KPIs


User Videos

Capture video and screen recordings of users as they walk you through their experience with your website or app


UX Analytics

Collect statistically significant data across large samples of representative users to quantify the user experience

All-in-one UX research platform

Our solutions span the breadth of the entire UX technology stack, which means that you’ll always have access to the right research method or combination of research methods for the job

Gain a deep understanding of your target audiences and inform your roadmap with data based on users’ behaviors, attitudes, goals and needs. Segment your audiences and analyze usage data or traffic for validation and iteration on your initial persona work and to build experiences that fit the objectives of each unique segment.

Understand the impact that your design iterations have on user experience over time and how your design decisions are moving the needle. Benchmarking can also be leveraged to compare your website against your key competitors, enabling you to achieve greater customer satisfaction and increased brand loyalty.

Get feedback from users, collecting satisfaction metrics and ratings, with online surveys that are flexible and fully integrated with all of UserZoom’s product capabilities. Intercept your users directly from your website or application, leveraging advanced survey capabilities such as logic, conditioning and branching, task randomization and advanced screeners to gather actionable insights.

Capture audio, video and screen recordings of real users thinking out loud as they walk you through their experiences with your website, mobile app or prototype. Uncover actionable insights quickly by leveraging data and unique filtering capabilities that enable you to make UX research part of your agile sprints.

Define navigation, optimise information taxonomy and maximise findability across your website. Understand where they’d expect to find what they’re looking for to improve the taxonomy of information and ultimately increase conversion rates.

Get your wireframes and prototypes in front of your users before you launch to validate design concepts, fuel iteration and ultimately ensure that your websites and applications will provide value to your target audiences when you launch

Get fast results and automated reporting

Get insights quickly with automated reporting on several different UX metrics, from efficiency and effectiveness ratios, to heatmaps, click paths and dendrograms.

Easily share your findings with key stakeholders at any time with the click of a button.


Get fast access to the right users

We enable you to source the most qualified participants, so that you can get the most relevant feedback to inform your business-critical product decisions.
You can either invite your own users to participate, free of charge and unlimited, or leverage our Intelligent Sourcing Engine, IntelliZoom, for fast access to the best representation of your target audiences.


Intuitive yet sophisticated and powerful

Designing and launching a study is made easy by the platform’s wizard-based builder and library of project templates, making UX research accessible to everyone on your team

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Expert services

Leverage our end-to-end professional research services for everything from study design and strategic roadmapping to data analysis and reporting

Get access to 20+ researchers globally, including several senior-level researchers with PHDs and books published. Our researchers come from diverse professional backgrounds, and have 200+ years of combined experience in UX/CX

UserZoom is purpose-built for the enterprise

Full Study Customisation & Flexibility

Completely control the level of branding in your tests with the look & feel, logos, and wording. Within the studies themselves you can combine any of the research methods and any of the question types. You can even create customised result reports by filtering down to the insights you need most.

Toughest Data Security Standards

Our platform is designed with the data security standards in mind and incorporates multiple safeguards to prohibit Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We conduct biannual security audits and penetration tests via our global security partner.

Technology Integration & Compatibilities

UserZoom integrates with technology from key solutions providers services in the following areas: Prototyping tools, analytics, tag management, A/B testing, recruiting services & panel management. Make the most of the tools you already own to seamlessly integrate UX research into your workflow.