Continuously capture insights and track behavior to provide the most valuable experience for your users

Give Your Users A Voice

Monitor user feedback continuously for the insights needed to keep up with their changing needs

Strategic Intercepts

Create targeted intercepts to get the right people, at the right time, for projects or for your private panel

Combine UX With Analytics

Go beyond basic surveys by combining UX metrics with analytics for deeper insight into what is or isn’t working, and why

Site Intercepts


Let Your Users Guide You

Gather both attitudinal and behavioural insights to monitor overall satisfaction with survey results, and usability with clickstreams and heatmaps. You can also analyse session replays when monitoring customer feedback for mobile apps.


Customise Your Monitoring Program With UserZoom

Look & Feel

Customise the branding and design of your studies, including background colours, logos, buttons and text. Additionally, add a progress bar, so you can indicate to participants how far along they are in the study.

Randomisation Options

Create a number of tasks in a study, and combine them into groups and allow each participant to do only one task randomly selected from each of the groups. Test many different tasks and limit the length of the project ensuring completes.

Logic, Conditions & Piping

Utilising logic can enable you to disqualify a respondent and screen them of a test  if they don't meet your requirements. Conditions allow you to show or hide questions based on a participant’s previous response. With piping, capture a participant’s response & dynamically carry it forward to another question.

Sample & Data Quality Controls

Ensure high quality data collection - Participants who speed through your studies, try to participate more than once, or input invalid comments are kept away from your research

Web Analytics Integration

Understand the why behind the what that your analytics already provides. Integrate the data from UserZoom's User Feedback Monitoring with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics so that you can get deeper insight into your analytics data. Filter traffic data by metrics captured in the study, such as gender, visitor intent, and satisfaction.