Online User Testing and UX Research platform for the modern agile enterprise

All-in-One & Feature Rich

Take advantage of an integrated, feature-rich online user testing and research platform and access to everything you need in one place. With support for more UX research methods than any other platform on the market, UserZoom is your strategic research partner for every stage of the product lifecycle.

Building Studies

>   Task validation

>   Sample quality control

>   Look & Feel Customization

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Data Collection

>   Add-on

>   JavaScript code

>   Mobile SDK

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Analysis & Reporting

>   Filtering capabilities

>   Charts customisation

>   Behaviour data analytics

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And More!

>   Real-time data monitor

>   Web analytics integration

>   Project Permissions

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Intuitive And Easy To Use

Our intuitive UI makes everything from creating and launching your study to analyzing results easy. Build and launch your study quickly with the help of a wizard-based builder, our vast library of project templates, and unique features that allow you to both duplicate studies and reuse tasks that you’ve created previously, across all of your engagements.


Fast & Flexible Participant Sourcing

Get the most relevant feedback to inform your business-critical product decisions with multiple sophisticated participant sourcing options.
You can invite your own users through just about any channel or leverage our Intelligent Sourcing Engine, IntelliZoom, for access to over 120 million users worldwide.


Real Time Reporting

Get automatic, real time insights and reporting as participants begin to complete your studies. Export and share the results with colleagues and stakeholders at any time with the click of a button.


Toughest Data Security Standards

UserZoom places top priority on protecting your data. Our platform is designed with data security in mind and incorporates multiple safeguards to prohibit Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We conduct biannual security audits, OWASP Top 10 and penetration tests via our highly-recognized global security partner.

Multiple Integrations & Compatibilities

UserZoom has over 30 integrations and compatibilities with tools you already use from Prototype Testing and Web Analytics to Tag Management and A/B Testing, allowing you to leverage the tools you already own.

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Purpose-Built For The Enterprise

Full Study Customisation & Flexibility

Completely control the level of branding in your tests with the look & feel, logos, and wording. Within the studies themselves you can combine any of the research methods and any of the question types. You can even create customised result reports by filtering down to the insights you need most.

Expert UX Research & Consulting Services

Whether you are creating a UX Roadmap, launching a complex research project across all the touch points of your customer journey, recruiting for your target audience, or conducting data analysis and reporting, UserZoom’s Professional UX Consulting Services will help you achieve your research goals and objectives.

Technology Integration & Compatibilities

UserZoom integrates with technology from key solutions providers to deliver critical UX research services in the following areas: Prototyping tools, analytics, tag management, A/B testing, recruiting services & panel management. Make the most of the tools you already own.