The Experience Apex

What's next on the horizon for digital experience?


The future of digital experience is waiting for you

The accelerated climb to digital transformation has been steep and unforgiving.

Those that didn't have a user-focused, digital-first mindset, fell by the wayside. Only those well-equipped and agile enough to put the user experience first have made it to the summit.

But as a sense of normality resumes, what happens next?

In The Experience Apex, we'll interview industry experts about the trends you need to know from 2021 and how these will help you prepare for 2022.

Core themes

  • If everyone is digital, how do you differentiate your experience?
  • What are the must-have skills, tools and job functions you need to support digital experience?
  • As WFH outlasts COVID, how does this affect research?
  • What's next for your digital strategy?

The Experience Apex