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Hello Googler! Did you know that you have free access to UserZoom, the UX research solution that enables you to continually monitor and benchmark the health of your CUJs?

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Normalize benchmarking with a single score - the QXscore

QXscore combines attitudinal and behavioral measurements to provide an accurate and comprehensive assessment of how your users feel as well as how they behave with a given CUJ. 

UszerZoom customers use the QXscore to complement metrics including NPS, HaTS, CSAT, SUS and SUPR-Q. 

QXscore enables you to clearly and persuasively communicate CUJ quality including identifying gaps between perceptions and behaviors that can be difficult and time consuming to detect.

Deliver deeper insights

Seamlessly align UX metrics & business KPIs

Multi-methods in one place

Combine qualitative and quantitative methods to gain both attitudinal and behavioral data.

Increase speed to insights

Reduce the time and effort required to analyze and process research data into meaningful CUJ insights.

Develop CUJ roadmaps

Clearly justify product investments to leadership by consistently measuring CUJ progress over time.

Source global participants

Recruit or access target audiences from our independent global panel directly from the platform.

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