Introducing QXscore

Prove the value of UX with a single, holistic user experience measure.

Demonstrate business impact

Quantify users’ attitudes and behaviors into a single score that aligns to strategic business KPIs and identifies tactical areas to improve UX health.

Kimberly-Clark Professional

We can easily track and improve how UX research can impact business outcomes.

Yuan Zhou

Global UX Design Lead

Measuring experience with QXscore

Watch this 50-second video to understand how QXscore aligns to business KPIs and identifies tactical areas to improve

Prove the value of UX

The only holistic UX measure

To help you manage the performance of digital properties, products and services


Identify tactical areas to improve and demonstrate the impact of UX to executives


Apply actionable insights to help improve digital user experiences

Business leaders

Gain insight about how user experience performance impacts essential KPIs

Easily quantify critical elements of experience

Standardize your research practice to measure progress over time, performance against competitors, across lines of business and products in one place.

Incorporate multiple metrics into a single measurement score


Task success

Customer satisfaction

Reliability and trust


Net Promoter Score

$12B multi-national software company

With the QXscore we can deliver results fast and reliably. Having a standardized score that is also easy to interpret is critical for us, and with it we were able to roll out a unit-wide benchmarking program successfully.

Lead UX Researcher

all digital experiences

Bring attitudes and behaviors together to prove the value of UX