UX measurement: quick wins for small teams

Great experiences are invisible, it’s time to make them measurable.

The challenge:

User experience improvements can be intangible. You could make small changes to a design and not have a clue whether those tweaks directly impact one of your business goals.

If we run usability testing and make a change to a website that presumably improves the user experience based on our observations, how do we really know the change has worked?

The solution:

By implementing a UX measurement program tied to business KPIs, you put a numerical value on UX improvements that you can track and manage.

You then have concrete evidence to support that a UX change had an effect on a specific KPI—and data to sell that to leadership teams and stakeholders. 

Why should I measure UX?

Great question! Here are three excellent reasons....

Data-driven decisons

Gain confidence in critical design and product decisions

Drive a UX roadmap

Provide concrete evidence to support further improvements

Increase business value

Gather tangible data that proves the business value of UX to leadership teams

And ultimately, you'll be giving your customers a truly optimal digital experience they'll love and keep coming back for.

But I’m not ready to measure UX...

UX measurement isn’t the preserve of enterprise organizations with large digital teams, everyone practicing UX research and delivering UX insight can and should to be measuring their effort. Here are some simple UX metrics you can use when launching a measurement program:

And if you’re mainly gathering qualitative data, you can still benchmark your user experience using these attitudinal metrics:

Where do I begin?

Before you get started, here are a few things to remember when launching your own measurement program...

From our customers

Here's Yuan Zhou, Global UX Design Lead at Kimberly-Clark, who describes how their measurement program provided the team with results they can easily share with stakeholders and prove the value of UX.

Connecting UX metrics to revenue

With Yuan Zhou, Global UX Design Lead at Kimberly-Clark.

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