Define your information architecture, test your navigation and validate that your taxonomy is intuitive

Design Your IA

Run open and closed card sort studies to intuitively group items together and optimize your site for findability

Test Your Navigation

Minimize risk and validate your IA by running screenshot click tests, timeout tests and tree tests

Combine Multiple Methods

Leverage different research methods within the same study for greater confidence in your taxonomy

Online Card Sorting - Open & Closed

Understand how your users group items and define categories to organize and structure the taxonomy of your menus by leveraging our powerful online card sorting features. Conduct card sorting studies, both open and closed, on desktop or tablets.


Screenshot Click Test

Evaluate first impressions with screenshot click tests to validate your wireframes and existing designs, improve clarity, increase findability and maximize comprehension. Analyzing the resulting heatmaps enables you to course-correct throughout the product lifecycle for greater usability.


Screenshot Timeout Test

Measure the amount of time users spend completing tasks and compare against the desired time to map the accessibility of information in your digital assets.

Tree Testing

Validating your information architecture will enable users to find what they’re looking for as they interact with your digital assets. Tree Testing can help you test the structure of menus so you can focus on optimizing your terminology and detect navigational issues early in the design process. Get metrics to measure findability and ultimately the usability of your information tree.


Flexible recruiting

UserZoom’s flexible recruiting enables you to source a diverse panel for your specific needs. Access millions of panelists globally by leveraging IntelliZoom, UserZoom’s integrated panel. Invite users from your own database or intercept them on your website or app to collect feedback.


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