Interview Hints & Tips

Tips to help you ace your interview at UserZoom!

Congratulations on securing an interview at UserZoom! We’re on an exciting journey of growth and we know that diverse perspectives will help us to grow, innovate and serve our customers better.

We’re keen to ensure that you have a positive experience whilst interviewing at UserZoom and we believe that interviews are a two-way process. It’s as much about providing you with the opportunity to ask questions and understand whether UserZoom is a company that you would like to be part of, as it is about us getting to know you and how you can enhance UserZoom as a company.

Our Talent Acquisition team will talk you through the interview process to provide you with a clear understanding of what you can expect. Click here to read up on our UserZoom Interview Process.

The following are some helpful tips, to allow you to attend an interview at UserZoom feeling prepared, confident, and ready to enjoy the experience.

  • Preparation is important, so spend time researching UserZoom and what we do as a company. There’s lots of information available to you on our About Us page, our Careers page and in our Resources section.  
  • Re-read your Resume: Remember to re-read through your resume / CV allowing you to talk in detail about your career history and timeline, as well as any achievements you’ve highlighted.
  • Preparation examples: As part of your preparation, think about how you’ll concisely and effectively communicate your experience when asked about it. For example, if you’re interviewing for a Sales role, you may be asked about how you stay up to date with market trends.  

Before the interview, have a think about examples from your current or previous roles which demonstrate how you’ve done this and what impact it’s had. Make a list of things you think you may be asked about (have a look back at the job advert; this will give you most of the information you need) and prepare examples of how you’ve demonstrated this in the past.

  • Take a look at the SOARA technique: This is a great way to answer questions during an interview. Find out more here.
  • Prepare questions of your own: As well as being interested in you, we want to know you're interested in us! A great way to demonstrate your curiosity is through the questions you ask about the role and our company.
  • Test your computer's camera and microphone if your interview is going to be over Zoom. We ask that you have your camera on throughout unless there is a fair reason this isn’t possible, so make sure these work and you have everything set up.

Here’s some hints and tips for the day of the interview:

Plan your day

And make sure you have plenty of time to sign on to Zoom or arrive on time to the location if it’s in-person.

What to wear?

We don’t have a dress code at UserZoom, please wear what you would normally wear and feel most comfortable in. 

Reduce distractions

We know home life can be busy so don’t worry if there is some background noise, we genuinely don’t mind! If any noise is going to be distracting for you, you may prefer to find a different location so you can fully concentrate.

Pour a drink

It’s a great idea to have a glass of water with you during the interview. Not only will this help if you get a dry throat, but taking a sip could also give you a couple of extra seconds of thinking time if you’re asked a hard question!

Most importantly, be yourself! We want to get to know the real you.

If you have any questions or want to find out more, reach out to our Talent Acquisition team or the recruiter you came through. Good Luck!