Live intercept

Invite active users who are engaging with your site or app to take part in a study or join your panel.

Uncover user intent

Understand why users visit your site and ask about their experience.

Measure success

Learn from visitors about whether they completed their tasks.

Let users guide you

Learn what needs to be improved and how to prioritize issues.

Speak with active users

This type of study lets you intercept a live visitor and ask them questions. They help you better understand who is visiting your app or site and if they accomplished their goals.

When to use

Live intercept studies are typically conducted during the optimization phase of a site or app, and are used to understand who is visiting your app or site and if they are able to accomplish what they came to do.

What to remember

As visitors typically come from search results, pay close attention to which pages you're able to capture live users on. The homepage is a strong choice, but if you want to test a specific page or process be sure to place the intercept in the right place.

What to prepare

When preparing your questions, keep in mind that a visitor's objective isn't to take your survey, so we recommend limiting it to 10 questions.

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