Automate and scale your moderated user interviews

Quickly collect, analyze, and share video insights with purpose-built live interview software for moderated user research.


Recruit participants faster than ever

Automated participant recruitment
Quickly fill your studies with top-quality participants by sourcing from our global network of over 120M verified research participants.

Recruit your own
Invite as many participants as you would like to take your study by using live intercepts or by sharing your unique UserZoom study link via email, text, Slack, and social media.

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Streamline session scheduling and incentive payments

Make scheduling moderated interviews more efficient by eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emailing. Set your availability preferences and let participants pick a time that works. We’ll automatically send confirmation emails, reminders, and distribute payment to panelists when the session is complete.

*Automatic incentive distribution is only available for participants recruited by UserZoom

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Make faster decisions working together

One of the most powerful ways to get buy-in from stakeholders is to invite them to collaborate in the research process. Invite unlimited free collaborators to join your live sessions and post-session debriefs from a virtual incognito observation room–all while maintaining the intimacy of a 1:1 conversation with your participant.

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Accelerate your analysis with automation

Search full text transcripts of your recorded sessions to quickly find moments that matter. Session audio is automatically transcribed in the study’s language and time-stamped notes are synced to the video playback.

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Create engaging and impactful narratives with your research insights

Add video clips, highlight reels, and quotes to bring your insights to life, foster empathy, and make an impact. 

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Fill studies faster

Businesses using UserZoom typically fill studies within 2-4 days

Save time on analysis

On average, customers save 20 hours of time on qualitative research analysis for a n=8 study

Save money

63% of customers were able to eliminate 2-5 research services and platforms after switching to UserZoom

"Not everything is about tactical feedback on a prototype for us. Running moderated interviews with UserZoom helps us drive strategy by using conversations with real users to build our market knowledge."

Financial Services

Lead Design Research

Key features

Unlimited free collaborators

Invite unlimited free team members to your virtual observation room during live sessions and to view study results. Stakeholders can join as a notetaker or a listen-only observer.

Desktop and mobile testing

Launch your study and get feedback on mobile prototypes, web-based experiences, live and unreleased apps—with no installation required.


Use structured or unstructured interviews to uncover behaviors, emotions, and pain points during the session. 

Global participant network

Automatically recruit participants from our global network of verified participants. Target based on industry, job title, demographics, location, technology, B2B/B2C, and more.

Custom screeners

Write custom screener surveys to help you efficiently find and filter out participants for your study.

Session scheduler

Simplify scheduling by setting your availability preferences in UserZoom and letting participants pick a time that works.

Automated transcripts

Search and edit full text transcripts of your recorded sessions. Follow what’s being spoken about in the transcript while you listen to the video recording in 0.5x to 4x speed.

Collaborative time-stamped notes

Collaborate on note-taking during the session. Notes are automatically synced to playback for lightning fast analysis.

Highlight reels

Creating engaging video highlights without the need for expensive video editing software.

Ready to automate and scale your moderated user research?